Assign The Therapist Role To An Employee

When you want to set up an employee profile for a service provider, you must assign the Therapist role. Only those employees who have the Therapist role will appear in the Appointment Book so that appointments can be booked in their name. Employees with this role also get access to some features in Zenoti.

To assign the Therapist role to an employee:

  1. Ensure you are at the Center level. 
  2. Navigate to Employee > Employees > Employees
    The Manage Employees window opens.
  3. Click Add
    The Create Employee window opens. 
  4. Enter general information for the employee in the General tab.
    Read: Enter general information for a new employee
  5. Click Next.
    You can view the Employee Roles tab. 
  6. From Role, select Therapist from the drop-down list. 
  7. Click Add Role
    The employee now has the therapist role in Zenoti. These employees appear in the Appointment Book if they are scheduled <link> for the day, so that appointments can be made in their name. Employees with this role cannot log into Zenoti and have no access to data or capabilities in the software. However, you may want therapists to have access to the employee and manager mobile apps. 

Note: You still need to specify employee roles, add services, define products and memberships employee can sell, specify payrates for classes, configure employee-level commissions, and upload catalog for the employee to complete the task of setting up an employee.

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